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AT 214.631.0011

Flow Design products include a complete selection of top-tier leak-proof integrated balancing valves manufactured to stand the test of time and perfected through design innovations to achieve and maintain continuous optimum flow rates, superior debris resistance and reduced dimensional sensitivity with minimal easily-serviced maintenance. AutoFlow and FlowSet Coil Hook-up and Hose Assemblies packages deliver ready-to-install configurations that virtually eliminate on-site confusion, reduce installation time and save start-up costs.

Patented AutoFlow Cartridge

Request an AutoFlow Cartridge to examine. See for yourself why material selection and precise tolerances deliver performance superiority – 214.631.0011

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Our Flow Control HVAC Products are the result of perfected solutions built on the shared successes of our Engineer and Contractor relationships. Daily, building engineers, superintendents, and owners save time and expenses through flow control applications for terminal units, coils, air handlers, system pumps, chillers, boilers, and cooling towers.
Flow Design valves pump .1 gpm to 25,000 gpm and weigh between
.5 oz. and 2.5 tons.
Flow Design, Inc. is ISO 9001 Certified, is an active ASHRAE member, and is a leader in testing laboratory ratings.
We are dedicated to simplifying the introduction, regulation, and cost-benefit of flow control within HVAC systems, at installation and forever.
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